Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pinewood Derby Time

Last weekend was the big race. You know, the one that every cub scout and their families live for every year: The Pinewood Derby.

G-man is our only cub scout (Little E has graduated to 11 year old scouts working on his Tenderfoot at the moment), and this year he knew exactly what he wanted his car to be. A pencil. That's right. A writing utensil. At first both Big E and I were a bit cockeyed about his choice, but as Big E and G-man worked on the car, I realized that it was a pretty darn cool idea.

The pair worked together for a week to make it to perfection, including a real eraser on the end and melted led in the tip. (Yes, you can write with it!) All in all, I think it turned out awesome.

It was a crowd favorite, but unfortunately G-man's car only won its first race against the Cub Master's contraption. Big E said it was because they didn't do good job of distributing the the weight and they didn't use graphite on the wheels. Oh, well. Next year.

G-man did, however, win "The Most Scholastic."

One of the guys in the ward races sprint cars and brought his for the boys to sit in. They also got to sign the front of it. G-man and Little E were very impressed.

Hard to believe these little cars can go over a hundred miles an hour!

And finally, that same night we had a spaghetti dinner and dessert auction fundraiser for the scouting programs. My mother is staying with us and even she got in on the action.

Isn't she beautiful?

Before I go, I thought I'd share that I've resurrected my fitness blog, Run and Not Be Weary. Now that I've gotten into better spiritual shape, I figured it's time to get into better physical shape, too. Feel free to follow my journey, if you'd like.

Many happy returns!