Monday, February 18, 2013

Boo-boo's, Snuggles, and Crazy Hair

It's been a while since I updated the family part of this family blog, so I'm going to catch you up on the latest happenings in Chez Anderson.

First, last month Big E was gone for a week for training--at a ski resort. Yep. He spent a week skiing. Lucky dog. The night before he was to return home, C-bear was running circles around our breakfast counter on our hardwood floors and did a spectacular face-plant. If face-planting were an Olympic sport, she'd have been a medal contender. I'm pretty sure her screams could have shattered crystal.

Her poor little face was so swollen, she almost resembled the Who's from The Grinch.

Her little face is just fine now--though it took a few days for the swelling to go down. Unfortunately, it appears that she's broken both of her front teeth as they are becoming discolored. Looks like Mommy's got to take her to the Doc to make sure it won't affect the growth of her permanent teeth later.

The next day, Big E returned from his oh-so-arduous training and he showed me his swollen thumb. He thought he might have sprained it. Before returning to work, he swung by the doctor's office, thinking he'd get a brace or an ace bandage.

This is how he came home from that appointment:

He didn't sprain his thumb; he broke it. Fortunately, he didn't need surgery. Unfortunately, he had to sport the cast for a month. (He's since graduated to a brace and physical therapy.) This is a milestone for him: his first broken bone! (I, personally, have yet to experience the pleasure.)

Now onto happier moments!

The other day, I walked into the living room to find a random moment of affection between my two youngest daughters. Don't get me wrong, they are really good friends, but the manner in which they were watching their movie was extra sweet. I had to capture this magical moment on film (or SD card, rather).

I love moments like this. They make my mommy heart go pitter-patter.

Finally, some humor.

Yesterday, Banana did an elaborate twisted bun in Princess's hair. She used smaller hair parts (unlike the tutorial I linked in my previous sentence) and made tiny spiral twists. It was adorable--and sadly I neglected to photograph the finished 'do.

Princess slept with it in her hair, and Banana undid it for her this evening. We all could not stop laughing at her white-girl afro. Princess took it in stride and happily posed for photos. (And boy, did she strike some poses!)

We joked that her hair looked like some of the crazy styles you see in high fashion photos. For fun, Banana threw in a couple of braids to make it look like this hilarious accident was on purpose!
Princess posing with her "stylist," Banana.
Princess's hair was fluffy and soft, but even after having her hair washed twice--with loads of conditioner--it was a lot of work for Mommy to brush out all the tangles. Needless to say, Mom is rather hesitant to let Banana do another twisted bun on either of her little sister's hair.

That's the latest and greatest from our crazy little brood. I imagine our next update will be Banana's 13th birthday at the end of this month. (Two teenagers in the house instead of one--OY!)

Until next time!


  1. You'll cope with two teenagers I'm sure.

    Keep believing and good luck

    :-) :-)


  2. I have never seen hair like that...ever! I can only imagine getting it straight again! Tell Banana happy birthday from us!