Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lee-Lee Talent Showcase

My oldest daughter, Lee-Lee, has always wanted to be a singer--since she was a tiny tot. Up until the age of about 10, we'd pat her head and say, "That's nice, dear." She wasn't a bad singer, just not really remarkable in any way either. But then, overnight something happened. I remember hearing someone singing in our house and being floored with the beauty. It was Lee-Lee. She had gone from being a pretty good singer to having real potential. And she's only grown from there.

She was asked to give a performance last Sunday during our Sacrament meeting at church. (For you non-Mormon folk, that's the general congregation meeting, usually held before Sunday School.) Now, we're unable to record--either video or audio--during the meeting (we consider it sacred), so I recorded one of Lee-Lee's rehearsals.

Keep in mind that this was a rehearsal--and she is only 14 years old without any formal voice lessons. (I also had to use my cheap digital camera to do the recording.) It doesn't fully reflect how the actual performance went (I totally cried). There is something very special that happens when Lee-Lee performs in front of a proper audience--everything comes together perfectly.

She chose the song herself--"Virtue" by Jenny Phillips. And if you're interested, these are the lyrics:

Because I love the Father,
I want the minds of men
to be lifted when they look at me.
Because I am His daughter,
I want my devotion to Him
to be what they see.

I don't need the attention of immodesty.
I am confident in my divinity.

I didn't come to Earth to compromise.
I came here to hold up my light.
No matter what the world may do,
I'm a daughter of God,
and I'm holding on to virtue.

I want to lead a life
that is full of so much good
it attracts the light to me.
So I'm trusting in my Father
to magnify the beauty
He has placed in me.

I am confident in my divinity.

(Repeat Chorus twice.)

Big E and I are rather proud to be Lee-Lee's parents. She's turning out to be an amazing young woman.


  1. I can see what you mean about your Daughter, Randi, she does have something profound in singing terms and maybe in the future, being in some kind of band with real musicians, not some takcy manufactured band, might be a possible future for her, depending on what she sees herself doing in the future and personally at 14 I had one or two ideas that went nowhere, because they were not really realistic career choices to believe in.

    I mean believing one day, that you might design computer games or kids toys, sounds like fun, but a few years later, I ditched those plans for more common place choices :-P.

    As for forgiving you, I see no reason to forgive you for anything. Having a subtly implemented religious view, is nothing I'd see as having to forgive.

    I only dissaprove of religous views, that are designed to promote the causing of harm to others, like Jihadism, or dissaprove of religious views that discriminate against acceptable people, or use "fire and brimstone" activity, to chastise or criticse some people like myself who are atheists.

    All that going to hell in a handcart stuff is not acceptable to me, when I live a law abiding life, which entails showing a lot of human nature to others.

    So I totally respect your beliefs and the way you choose to use them to benefit your life and not to criticise others, or harshly judge.

    You are a wonderful and warm person and I am sure that whatever you believe about the world around you, is sensible, logical and well grounded and you should be proud of the person you are and how you treat people.

    You've known I hold no religious beliefs for a long time and never thought ill of me and that is the sign of a caring, locial and rational person and someone who is helping to raise great kids, including one with a really good singing voice.

    Whatever you do this year Randi, stay beautiful and ultimately stay you, because the world is all the better for what radiates from your inner self.

    :-) :-).


    1. Thank you, Matt, for your kind words as always. :)

  2. Gosh, we loved that! Charlotte and I both watched Lee Lee singing and we were amazed! She is one talented girl! Now that I know you update your blog so much, I will be following for sure! I also enjoyed reading about your awesome Christmas! Call me anytime!

    1. Thank you! It was great chatting with you today. (Thank you so much for the great ideas on how to get my bread to rise better. :) )

  3. Great job!!! It would be fun for and Katie to sing together.